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Dating Violence Education Report 2014

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Violence among teens in dating relationships is a sensitive and complex issue. Over the past two decades, school agencies and state legislatures have deliberated concerning the role that schools should play in addressing this issue. Dating violence occurs both on and beyond school campuses. Even when dating violence does not take place on school grounds, as social institutions, schools experience its devastating effects. The study reported here was undertaken with the goal of informing the Ad Hoc Committee on Mandatory Dating Violence Education and facilitating the Committee’s decision on recommendations to be made to the Chairmen and Minority Chairmen of the Education Committees of the Senate and House of Representatives in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The objectives of the study were two-fold: (1) Review and synthesize literature assessing the pro and con arguments concerning mandatory dating violence education programs; (2) Review and summarize information related to mandatory dating violence education submitted to the State Board of Education by interested parties.
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Author(s): State Board of Education Ad Hoc Committee on Mandatory Dating Violence Education
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