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United Way Alliance on Aging Status Report 2012

Brief description or abstract:
This 2012 status report, Helping Lehigh Valley Older Adults Stay as Independent as Possible represents the fifth status report publication by the Lehigh Valley Alliance on Aging (LVAA), a partnership of United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley. Since our first gathering of community stakeholders in 2001, we have served as the “public square” for older adult issues in the Lehigh Valley. This compilation of data provides the necessary background to identify emerging trends and facilitate action.
Posting type(s): Research or Evaluation
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Files: UWAA Status Report 2012
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Geographic regions: United States
Topic(s): Older Adults
Health & Healthcare
Subtopic(s): Neighborhoods and Community BuildingPhysical
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Author(s): Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley
Size (pages, minutes, etc.): 109 pages
Research type: both
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