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State of the Lehigh Valley 2010

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An annual report produced by the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, the State of the Lehigh Valley examines regional trends across our municipalities and school districts, as well as provide comparisons of our region with state and national data. In this edition of our report, we begin to connect the economic downturn, or Great Recession, to our education, public health, and public safety systems. We also examine several measures of air quality and perceptions of land use. Finally, we examine key political events, including the rise of the Tea Party movement.
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Files: State of the Lehigh Valley 2010
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Geographic regions: Lehigh County, PA
Northampton County, PA
Topic(s): Cities & Neighborhoods
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Author(s): Michele Moser Deegan, Ph.D.
Size (pages, minutes, etc.): 20 pages
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